Welcome To Rated Paper
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Welcome To Rated Paper

A specialist blog highlighting the interesting niche uses of paper based products across industries

Have you ever wanted a clear, consise, yet comprehensive understanding of paper products, including the diverse ways in which they are used and made? Then you’ve been waiting for Rated Paper.

What is Rated Paper?

A blog written for the purpose of presenting the most comprehensive array of niche paper product uses across various industries, like food services, building and construction among many others.

This blog  is not commercially tied to any particular provider or supplier, but is an independant learning resource for paper product users and suppliers alike.

Why 'Rated Paper'?

We aim to encourage our readers to review the most reliable and reputed paper-based product suppliers online for product and service quality.

All review details we plan to publish in the format of a simple 5-star rating on this blog with time.

Will We Sell Paper Direct?

We want to focus on developing the blog as a valued resource for paper product knowledge, rather than retailing or bulk selling products ourselves. We are considering dropshipping some popular lines of products, but we are not as yet totally decided.

What comes first on this project however is giving our best to the research and development of sound informational resources related to niche paper products of all kinds.

Who Is Behind Rated Paper?

We are a small team of business consultants and creatives who considered the paper industry diverse enough and cluttered enough to need the benefit of clearer communications We therefore figured this warranted a specialised focus like this blog.

The mission of this blog is to get to the bottom of niche issues and uncover good advice in the paper products industry through investigative research, presenting valuable findings to readers in a digestible format.

How Much Do We Really Know About Paper?

Well, probably only as much as the next person. But what we really excel at is business research and communications.

We plan to investigate, discover, curate and publish the most interesting insights from those who really do know paper and present our expert findings here on ratedpaper.com

What Kind Of Value Can You Expect To Get From Rated Paper?

We plan to write extensively on A to Z topics of paper products covering mainly food service, building services and arts & crafts. The formats we will use are as follows:

blog posts

…and much more

Finally, How Can I Stay Up To Date With Rated Paper?

Our blog will be the vehicle for staying up to speed with our paper focused research and communciations efforts. We have an email subscriber list too which you can join by filling in the form to the right of this page.

Commenting on blog posts is one way in which you could make your contribution to the conversation instantly.

**If you are a specialist in any of the areas of paper product manufacture, then why not get in touch with us directly at ratedpaper[at]gmail.com and allow us to interview you.**

(Share your answers to common customer questions and we will distrubute the transcribed interview among our readers, for mutual benefit.)

That’s all for now – we welcome you to Rated Paper and hope you find our content well worth the read!

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to reference one of your blog posts in my Master’s thesis and thus in order to do so correctly, I need to include the physical location of Rated Paper Products or your publishing location. Please can you provide the City and State that you are based in?

    Kind regards

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